Who We Are

A&V Security Services Pty Ltd started in 2009 and growing steadily. A&V Security Services Pty Ltd exemplifies a high standard of due care and skill, in a proper and professional manner that is consistent with good industry practice. We have been recognised for quality security services focusing on Customer Service throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. A&V Security Services Pty Ltd is a member of Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL).


A&V Security Services Pty Ltd only employs Personnel that are properly qualified, adequately experienced to perform the duties allocated to them and exhibit a high standard of work and conduct. Several staff also have extensive experience working on construction and remote sites, along with experience working in commercial and residential environments. All security guards hold current Queensland Security Licences and First Aid certificates. At all times, A&V Security Services Pty Ltd complies with and ensures that all personnel comply with the laws on occupational health and safety and A&V Security Services Pty Ltd policies on equal opportunity and non-discrimination.

Scope Of Services

A&V Security Services Pty Ltd provides Security Services including Static Guard, Random Site Checks, Patrols, Escorting Personnel, Camera Surveillance monitoring, Alarm Monitoring, ID Checks and Record Vehicle Registration. A&V Security Services Pty Ltd employs a security checkpoint system to monitor the Security Guard activities throughout sites. We operate throughout Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.


Holden Volt – Quiet and Green

holden volt security vehicle

At A&V Security, we have decided to expand our fleet with the new green and quiet Holden Volt.


Our Holden Volt runs on electricity; giving us the ability to drive around in silent mode. A noisy security vehicle may give intruders the opportunity to hide and the Holden Volt is the answer to this problem. The Holden Volt has a silent mode option and, with this option activated, we are able to follow protruding visitors in silence.


Renewable energy is currently a big part of scientific research and development in the world today. As the world creates more environmentally friendly renewable sources of energy, the logic in using electric vehicles makes more sense. At A&V Security, we decided to create a company that cares about the environment and its future. Purchasing electric vehicles is our latest step in our green business direction.

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