According to statistics, construction sites — along with empty houses — are two of the most vandalised and burglarised sites in the country. As a result, it is clear that we need to have a professional and experienced construction security solution in place. One of the main concerns would be the possibility of unauthorised access by irresponsible people, especially when the crew is not present.

A&V Security provides the best security for your sites to prevent vandalism. There are lots of cases, that if you’re not careful and fully vigilant with how you keep your construction sites, your tools and equipment will be gone, or your bikes will be stolen by these people. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, you know how it feels and you don’t want that to happen.

With A&V Security, you don’t need to worry anymore about the security of your sites. Take, for example, the bridge that Goldings built at Bells Creek in Sunshine Coast. We provided the best security for them so they can construct the bridge safely without experiencing any security concerns in the process.

At A&V Security, we are proud of our highly professional security solutions, which allow us to prevent any of these security concerns. We provide the best security services for any of your construction projects so contact us know to learn more!

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