There are different types of alarm monitoring systems, ranging from deterrents to monitored response alarms.


Local Burglar Alarm
Signal unauthorised intruders with the electronically controlled burglar alarm. This burglar alarm scares burglars with its constant, loud siren that alert passerby or a passing police car.

This alarm does not provide monitoring systems. Therefore, this alarm has a restricted effect as criminals know how to deactivate them by destroying the ringing siren.


Monitored Alarm

This is an alarm monitoring system that provides a more substantial level of security. It has become the standard device to safeguard both residential and office areas or buildings. However, modem-type monitored alarms are now obsolete as criminals will usually tamper with the power and the phone lines before breaking in. This alarm usually only send a security check signal once a day.

A GPRS alarm, on the other hand, ensures a higher level of security since it utilises the GPRS Network. Therefore, it sent the reports via GPRS network instead of telephone lines. It also has an additional advantage of using wireless mobile phone SIM card technology, which can contact the control room if it detects any strange activity being conducted on any part of the alarm equipment. The GPRS panel in this type of alarm sends a signal to the control room operator on a 90 seconds interval.

Pick the right type of alarm for you now and make your life safer and secure from the unwanted visitors!


CCTV Camera Surveillance

A&V Security has years of experience in providing people and businesses with the latest commercial security solutions. Our trained and qualified security experts will install comprehensive CCTV and Access Control solutions for you, tailor-made based on your requirements. High-end camera surveillance systems enable you to prevent theft, break-ins and any fraudulent liability claims. You can also document events and help protect your entire premises.


Advantages of Camera Surveillance
1) Prevent theft, shoplifting and fraudulent accident claims
2) Remote monitoring allows user-friendly and real-time surveillance of premises
3) Improve employee safety, productivity and business efficiency

Our systems are extremely customisable, expandable and affordable and we respond to alarm activations or duress alerts 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If you have a monitored alarm system you can trust us to respond. It’s as simple and easy as nominating A&V Security with your alarm monitoring centre. Your alarm system installer can help you or we can recommend an installer who we have previously used at several sites.

Arrangements can also be made so that full internal checks of your premises can be made on your behalf. No need to lose a good night’s sleep, worrying if a door was left unlocked on the way out, or putting yourself at risk by going back to check.

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