A&V Security has developed a patented neighbourhood watch system (patent number 2012203511). Neighbourhood watch is a community system designed to keep your community, business or resort safer.

The neighbourhood watch system is monitored by a security company with the ability to alert A&V Security from your computer via text message or email with the option of recording the conversation using your computer’s microphone.

Neighbourhood watch is an innovative service brought to you by A&V Security. Watch this space for more innovative projects, including the upcoming project using your smartphone device to alert security if you are in danger.

Enjoy room service at your fingertips with our innovative app РConcierge Pronto©. Fancy a quick snack? How about a cheese or seafood platter? Order one through our app and it will be delivered direct to your room.

The ability to order food is just one of the app’s many features. Need to get somewhere? Our app can be used to book bike rentals, car hire, a taxi and even limo service! You can also use the app to call security, unlock your room, check in, check out, book a movie, it even comes complete with a map of the resort, so that you can easily locate your room, along with the rest of the resort’s facilities during your stay.

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