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24-hour Mobile Patrols

When choosing your security provider you must ask the right questions

When choosing your security mobile patrols provider, you need to know that the company can promise and deliver 3 checks per night. The recommended ratio of security cars to clients is 1:12; this ratio means the security cars have time to make the required number of checks. A&V Security maintains a 1:12 ratio to ensure our clients receive 3 checks per night.

A&V Security recommends installing the right systems to ensure all checks are done as promised by the security company. A&V Security recommends installing surveillance cameras and using a system called Tour Guard. Tour Guard is a logging system installed on the client’s site – the system keeps a log of all checks done by the security company. If you use a security firm that refuses to use a similar system, you should start asking questions. A&V prefers to have this system on site, so the client can actual see the information has not been tampered with. Below is a sample of the report produced for our clients.

Sample report

A&V Security believes documentation should be provided at no additional cost. If you have a security firm that is charging you for the documentation, you may want to start looking elsewhere.


Securing Your Premises

24-hour mobile patrols covering the entire region

We make peace of mind very affordable with our scale of operations. We only charge for the time on site checking your premises, not the travel time to and from your location.  You only pay for what may be a few minutes at your premises each night. Use a patrol for :

  • Preventative measure to counter threats to your premises out of hours
  • Monitoring your premises throughout the night to make sure it’s not subject to intrusion
  • Removing the need to rely on staff to fully secure lock  up and alarm – leave it to us to lock up each night and even unlock in the mornings

Resorts & Housing Estates

Busy resort and apartment managers don’t want to work a 24-hour day, but they do want to know the facilities are being looked after in their absence, whilst asleep or at home off site. Use our patrols :

  • To assist guests after hours, even if it’s only to let them back in after misplacing their keys
  • Respond on site to address resident complaints, often via a night service operator
  • To maintain safety and insurance obligations in common areas by locking and unlocking pools, gyms and games rooms
  • To provide a roaming security presence throughout the night and be your eyes and ears
  • Liaise with managers and Police in the event of disturbances and act accordingly
  • For call outs to ad hoc incidents

A&V Security 24-hour line can be at your disposal. Our patrol officer and key-holder can be on hand to help protect your livelihood.

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